Translations of Turkish poetry

  1. From Ömer Hayyam’s RUBAİLER (Kabalcı Yayınevi) – P. 153:



It is my turn today, to be young

I drink; as it is my delight

Do not judge me; it is pleasant, even if it hurts

It is my life, even if it burns.

  1. From Aziz Nesin’s AŞK ŞİİRLERİ (Nesin Yayınevi) – P. 79:



I come too early

Just like I came into this place

Or I come too late

Just like loving you at this age

I’m always late to happiness

I always go too early into sadness

It is either too late

Or there has been nothing at all to await

I came into life at a certain time

Early to death, late to love

I was late, forgive me love

Late to death, too late to love


For the translation of “201.”, the text was almost literary translated. This may have limited the translator to present the real meaning, however the original melody and poetic reading was lost. This was wade to distinguish the following poem, “Forgive Me”, which in contrast was translated to preserve the meter and literary devices. Thus, the original melody and poetic reading was preserved.




And a little bit crazy.

She has an opinion about everything, but

is never intruding.

Knows what she wants, and doesn’t wait

around for anybody to give it to her.


She is a sometimes serious and other times

naïve like a kid.

She may be cheeky, but is never arrogant.

Mostly confident, but never self-absorbed.

Always carries a heavy bag,

Because she always has a book or two

accompanying her.

Pretentious, but only towards herself.

And Humble.

Very down to earth, just not this Earth.


This is her.

This will always be her.

Somewhere over there,

that is her.


This poem was inspired by the original Bulgarian poem “Тя” by Dimitar Kalbuhov.