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Random facts about Marina

I have always dreamed of having a page where random facts about me are mentioned. Today is my lucky day!
If you are reading this, you are probably new to my website and wonder who I am. You have come to the right post, my friend! Below you will find 10 quite random facts about me, that I thought might interest you and give you some background on me as a person.
  1. Where are you from? I was born in Sliven. It is a small city according to foreign standards, and the 3rd biggest one according to local standards. We are famous with our blue mountains, strong winds and gypsies.
  2. Hats. Hats?My grandma used to own a self-made hat shop called “Gift from Marina”. When I was little, I used to own a different hat for all of my different outfits.
  3. Which languages do you speak? I speak 4,5 languages: English, Bulgarian, Turkish, Chinese (Mandarin, and a bit of Shandong dialect) and I am currently at B1 level in German. Continue reading “Random facts about Marina”
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Euro-trip with the boys

By the time the boys landed in Bulgaria, I was already in the country for a week, celebrating Christmas with my family. They landed at exactly 18:08 local time at -9 degrees. It was already dark and my dad was on the second home-made rakia glass. This meant that by not having a driver’s license, I had to pick them up from the airport with a taxi. Usually when I am there, I like to order taxis from the ones that are already standing there. This translated into English means: the taxis standing in Sofia International Airport are supposedly tourist-trap-free and relatively safe. We had to order two taxis, as we were 5 people and nobody wanted to take all of us in one car.

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