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929 pages of experience

I have a university friend of mine, that always comes to me for industry and “grown-up people” advice. I cannot tell you how honored and happy that makes me. It also generally makes me want to be a better person, so that next time she comes up to me, I can share all of the new insights I’ve learned with her.

We were recently talking about books. I love books, buying books, stacking books and home, but also recommending them to others. So she knew I was the right person to ask. I immediately started compiling a list for her, but it started getting quite long. And because I have had others ask me about books too, I thought it might be a good idea to make a blog post about it. I will be dividing my list into 3 different blog posts (sorted alphabetically!). So look out, because here are the books that shaped me into the adult I am today!

If you like the books, or want to know more about the author/book, please feel free to check out their websites and LinkedIn profiles (many of them constantly share on social media), because they are very active there and there is always something you could learn from them.

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Insta-highlights from China (2)

Insta-highlights from China

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The Forbidden City. I remember back in 7th or 8th grade I was in Xiamen and was studying about the whole structure of this city. Even back then it seemed so complicated and big on paper. Never had I thought that one day I would see it in person and it would not even be half as big as what I imagined it would be… ⛩ It is huge and today 40% of it is still forbidden to the public.🚫 We went on a Tuesday and as you see from the photos, it is not “too crowded” for its normal standards. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Only around 40,000 people can visit it per day. This is why chinese people need to sign up in advance to enter. If you are a foreigner, you can directly go to the foreigner-ticket office and purchase your ticket with your passport. There is basically no one there and service is very fast (Please note that they don’t give you a ticket, but rather just scan your passport and then you need to show it once again at the gate, so they can confirm your purchase) 🙌🏻 | Забраненият Град. Когато бях в 7ми или 8ми клас в Шиамен, си спомням, че го изучавахме от-до и изглеждаше толкова огромен на хартия. А сега като го видях на живо, е 10 пъти по-голям от колкото си го представях! ⛩Днес, въпреки, че е отворен за народа, 40% от самия град е все още недостъпен за всички. 🚫 Както виждате от снимките, не беше много “натоварен” ден, понеже беше вторник.

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Day 1: the Temple of Heaven and meeting an old friend

Our first day in Beijing was quite nice actually.

Here is a photo of us arriving:

Here is the main street near our hotel. It is the one right in front of the original Forbidden City door:

And here are the back streets, near our hotel. Our hotel was located on a street called “粮食街”, which means “Junk food street”:

While waiting for our hotel room, we went to the Temple of Heaven. We walked there from the Front Door of the Forbidden City (前门). It is actually a bit far on foot, but definitely doable.

The Temple of Heaven is truly a heavenly place! Very graceful and full of respect – I don’t know if you can say that for a building, but for this one, it definitely is.

The Temple of Heaven is located in a huge park and is surrounded by this huge courtyard:

After the temple, we went back to the hotel and took a very much needed afternoon nap. Afterwards, we went out to meet my old Korean friend. We were classmates back in 5th grade and afterwards in 9th grade, after I moved with my family. I used to spend a lot of time with her and her sister, so I was very happy to learn that her sister was also in town! Needless to say, we had 10 years of catching up to do, after last seeing each other. We went to eat noodles, because that is what all happy kids love.

After a very delicious dinner, we slowly went back to the hotel, to (hopefully) have a good evening’s rest.

Goodnight Beijing, I am absolutely delighted to be here! 🙂