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Регенсбург и Дунава

Петдесетницата (за повече инфо, тук) тази година беше на 20ти май, което означава, че имахме дълъг уикенд тогава. 21ви май, т.е. понеделника след Петдесетницата тук е почивен ден, та затова имахме възможността да отидем някъде за 3 дни. И това направихме – отидохме при приятелите ни в Регенсбург, което е в Бавария, на около 600км от нас. Дядо, Регенсбург също е на Дунава! Continue reading “Регенсбург и Дунава”

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Random facts about Marina

I have always dreamed of having a page where random facts about me are mentioned. Today is my lucky day!
If you are reading this, you are probably new to my website and wonder who I am. You have come to the right post, my friend! Below you will find 10 quite random facts about me, that I thought might interest you and give you some background on me as a person.
  1. Where are you from? I was born in Sliven. It is a small city according to foreign standards, and the 3rd biggest one according to local standards. We are famous with our blue mountains, strong winds and gypsies.
  2. Hats. Hats?My grandma used to own a self-made hat shop called “Gift from Marina”. When I was little, I used to own a different hat for all of my different outfits.
  3. Which languages do you speak? I speak 4,5 languages: English, Bulgarian, Turkish, Chinese (Mandarin, and a bit of Shandong dialect) and I am currently at B1 level in German. Continue reading “Random facts about Marina”
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Making traditional Balkan food under modern circumstances abroad

I have been living out of the motherland for almost 3 years now. To be very honest, I have only recently started to miss my home and the “taste” of it. I miss how the breakfast bakeries smell of fat and oil, I miss how the tomatoes smell and mainly miss how it all tastes. Everything here in Germany has a different taste. Sometimes I am afraid that if I don’t look when I am eating, I will not know the difference between a cucumber and an apple… Continue reading “Making traditional Balkan food under modern circumstances abroad”