“Стопанката на господ” от Розмари Де Мео

Мисля, че всеки българин извън родината има нужда да прочете това чудо неземно, българско!

Не си спомням кога за последно една книга ме е разревавала толкова много, на всяка страница, и всяка страница все повече – ама то и не е едно такова тъжно плачене, а малко засрамено от себе си, от това че сме я забравили, ама знаем, че тя винаги е там за нас и винаги ни чака с отворени обятия.

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Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week

Two years ago, I joined Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E) for their MEWeek’16 (Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week 2016) as a Marketing Assistant. I was in charge of the event’s social media presence.

This experience has thought me a lot of valuable business lessons, that teamwork only works if you have 100% trust in your teammates and their abilities, and that business relationships can come from the most unexpected places – and you should never stop networking, because the bigger your network, the more business opportunities you can have!

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Euro-trip with the boys

By the time the boys landed in Bulgaria, I was already in the country for a week, celebrating Christmas with my family. They landed at exactly 18:08 local time at -9 degrees. It was already dark and my dad was on the second home-made rakia glass. This meant that by not having a driver’s license, I had to pick them up from the airport with a taxi. Usually when I am there, I like to order taxis from the ones that are already standing there. This translated into English means: the taxis standing in Sofia International Airport are supposedly tourist-trap-free and relatively safe. We had to order two taxis, as we were 5 people and nobody wanted to take all of us in one car.

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