Insta-highlights from China (2)

Insta-highlights from China

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The Forbidden City. I remember back in 7th or 8th grade I was in Xiamen and was studying about the whole structure of this city. Even back then it seemed so complicated and big on paper. Never had I thought that one day I would see it in person and it would not even be half as big as what I imagined it would be… ⛩ It is huge and today 40% of it is still forbidden to the public.🚫 We went on a Tuesday and as you see from the photos, it is not “too crowded” for its normal standards. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Only around 40,000 people can visit it per day. This is why chinese people need to sign up in advance to enter. If you are a foreigner, you can directly go to the foreigner-ticket office and purchase your ticket with your passport. There is basically no one there and service is very fast (Please note that they don’t give you a ticket, but rather just scan your passport and then you need to show it once again at the gate, so they can confirm your purchase) 🙌🏻 | Забраненият Град. Когато бях в 7ми или 8ми клас в Шиамен, си спомням, че го изучавахме от-до и изглеждаше толкова огромен на хартия. А сега като го видях на живо, е 10 пъти по-голям от колкото си го представях! ⛩Днес, въпреки, че е отворен за народа, 40% от самия град е все още недостъпен за всички. 🚫 Както виждате от снимките, не беше много “натоварен” ден, понеже беше вторник.

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