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May 27th: Sunscreen Day

On May 27th, we celebrate the so called “Sunscreen Day”. I am personally a big fan of it, so I though it is time to show it some appreciation. #SunscreenDay

I believe many people are familiar with the infamous speech from ’99 titled “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” (a.k.a “The Suncreen Song”).

However, what only few know is that Baz Luhrmann and Kurt Vonnegut take all the credit for it, whilst it was originally written by a Chicago Tribune columnist called Mary Schmich, back on June 1st, 1997. It was originally written in a lesser-known essay named “Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young” as a hypothetical commencement speech. The essay was meant to give various pieces of advice on how to live a happier life and avoid common frustrations.

You can find the original video here. Enjoy and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

On a side-note, if you liked the essay above, I warmly recommend you read the following commencement essay from Marina Keegan: “The Opposite of Loneliness“.

After all the buzz about Marina Keegan a few years ago, last year I finally gave in and read most of her work in one go. I will not go into details about her life and her as a person, because that will only spoil the expectations you have about her work (I did the mistake of googling her before starting to read her word and this was a huge no-go!). Just read her work as an aspiring young writer and remember what it was like when you were young and were feeling infinite!

P.S. I think my favorite work from Marina is a piece called “Why we care about whales“. Enjoy!


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929 pages of experience

I have a university friend of mine, that always comes to me for industry and “grown-up people” advice. I cannot tell you how honored and happy that makes me. It also generally makes me want to be a better person, so that next time she comes up to me, I can share all of the new insights I’ve learned with her.

We were recently talking about books. I love books, buying books, stacking books and home, but also recommending them to others. So she knew I was the right person to ask. I immediately started compiling a list for her, but it started getting quite long. And because I have had others ask me about books too, I thought it might be a good idea to make a blog post about it. I will be dividing my list into 3 different blog posts (sorted alphabetically!). So look out, because here are the books that shaped me into the adult I am today!

If you like the books, or want to know more about the author/book, please feel free to check out their websites and LinkedIn profiles (many of them constantly share on social media), because they are very active there and there is always something you could learn from them.

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Регенсбург и Дунава

Петдесетницата (за повече инфо, тук) тази година беше на 20ти май, което означава, че имахме дълъг уикенд тогава. 21ви май, т.е. понеделника след Петдесетницата тук е почивен ден, та затова имахме възможността да отидем някъде за 3 дни. И това направихме – отидохме при приятелите ни в Регенсбург, което е в Бавария, на около 600км от нас. Дядо, Регенсбург също е на Дунава! Continue reading “Регенсбург и Дунава”

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Making traditional Balkan food under modern circumstances abroad

I have been living out of the motherland for almost 3 years now. To be very honest, I have only recently started to miss my home and the “taste” of it. I miss how the breakfast bakeries smell of fat and oil, I miss how the tomatoes smell and mainly miss how it all tastes. Everything here in Germany has a different taste. Sometimes I am afraid that if I don’t look when I am eating, I will not know the difference between a cucumber and an apple… Continue reading “Making traditional Balkan food under modern circumstances abroad”