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The Reason Why I Miss Newspapers

When I was a kid, getting the newspapers out meant that creativity was ahead. It meant that we were about to bake with my great-grandma, it meant that we were going to write some hand littering with grandpa, it meant that we were going to draw with my aunt…

When I was younger, newspapers were an essential part of the everyday life. They were bought first thing in the morning and always kept – because they could be reused in various ways. You could reuse them when you didn’t have a table cloth, to put under your buttered bread with salt. When you ran out of toilet paper, old newspaper pages were always there for you. When you got lice for the N-th time, newspaper pages were there to keep you company. When you were eating sunflower seeds, on the stairs in front of your apartment building, the old news articles were there, so that you don’t spit on the ground and become a better person. The old paper pages were also there with you in the hot summer weather, both under your tomato and Feta cheese, and in your hand – to keep the flies away.

I really miss the old days. I never read newspapers anymore. I am a sophisticated millennial and only read them electronically. I don’t get to smell the paper or get my hands dirty from the ink because I held it for too long and my hands are sweating. I get back pain now. Because I am standing for too long on the computer and don’t sit properly. The only thing that’s left from those old papers are my glasses from all the reading.

The digital era really took away such a warm memory of my childhood. I hope newspapers survive until my kids are here, so when they are old enough, I can take out the outdated ones, spread them across the living room table, and tell them: “Dive in! Use your imagination and spread it across the papers. There is nothing you cannot do in this world!”

This post was originally written on my LinkedIn profile. If you are on LinkedIn, please feel free to connect with me. I would love to hear your thoughts!


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