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929 pages of experience

I have a university friend of mine, that always comes to me for industry and “grown-up people” advice. I cannot tell you how honored and happy that makes me. It also generally makes me want to be a better person, so that next time she comes up to me, I can share all of the new insights I’ve learned with her.

We were recently talking about books. I love books, buying books, stacking books and home, but also recommending them to others. So she knew I was the right person to ask. I immediately started compiling a list for her, but it started getting quite long. And because I have had others ask me about books too, I thought it might be a good idea to make a blog post about it. I will be dividing my list into 3 different blog posts (sorted alphabetically!). So look out, because here are the books that shaped me into the adult I am today!

If you like the books, or want to know more about the author/book, please feel free to check out their websites and LinkedIn profiles (many of them constantly share on social media), because they are very active there and there is always something you could learn from them.



[by Sophia Amoruso, ISBN: 9781591847939]

I bought this book while on my first trip to Amsterdam, alongside my boyfriend and family, who was visiting at the time.

I read this book a few years back, when I was juggling between 3 part-time jobs, while living for the first time on my own, in a foreign country. Back then, it felt so close to me and just like I had a big sister that was right next to me and was telling me that everything would be ok. I really feel like this was a book that helped me grow out of my shy self and slowly start believing in myself. And in the end, everything did turn out to be ok. This book just gave me courage and also patience.

Okay, I might have been reading a bit between the lines too much, but #Girlboss is a great book for all the millennials. It just really shows our struggles and that not finishing school is more common than ever and totally ok. I did finish my university, but at the time it felt like a burden and my degree is still more useless than ever. Not having a degree is not the end of the world, as long as you know what you are doing. Or even if you don’t. I guess the most important lesson to take away from this book is that no matter who you are, what you are – as long as you are not being lazy, you can do anything and you can still become the next billionaire. As long as you have an idea and follow your heart to the end! And. Never. Give. Up.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten


[by Robert Fulghum, ISBN: 9780345466396]

I found this book on the family bookshelf at my parents’ house. My mom had never told me about it. I started reading it and while doing that, I noticed some of the pages were folded on top.

Now, anyone who knows me well, knows these kind of things drive me crazy, so I know that if this sin was committed to the book, there must have been a specific reason to that.

When I read those specific pages that were folded, I started to see a pattern – they were all stories somehow connected or similar to what I have gone through in my life. When I asked my mom, she said that she did that for me actually and that was meaning to give me the book later. It’s funny how life has its little surprises for you, don’t you think?

I guess this book just reminds you the most important things in life – be good, love, respect and don’t forget to drink your milk!

Creative Personal Branding


[by Jürgen Salenbacher, ISBN: 9789063693152]

I got this book a few years ago for my birthday, because my friends know that I am interested in the topic. They also know that I love books with pictures and graphics (I know it may sound superficial, but because I am an extremely visual person, I do judge books by their covers!) and let me tell you, this book is so visually satisfying to look at!

The book is entirely in black and white, but this makes it even more classy. The overall message of the book is presented in a very easy to understand manner. Sometimes you just know when a book was written with love and interest, but most of all – there was time invested in it. This is why it is so amazing.

Do Less, Get More


[by Sháá Wasmund, ISBN: 9780241003695]

I bought this book before my last flight to China at the Amsterdam airport. I guess it has just become a tradition for me to buy books in this city…

I almost completely read the book on my 9-hour flight. It sincerely felt like yoga for the soul. Such a beautiful book, both on the outside and inside, full of simple tips and just positive energy!

I felt so happy and fulfilled, and honestly felt like I have finally found the answer to problem of always agreeing to stuff and never finding time for me. I was almost at a point of burning out, and this book has helped me raise up and claim back MY time, because I need it.

Throughout the book, you get a lot of tips, activities you can do and a lot of suggestions about books and famous talks etc.


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