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Signs that make you think

It’s been some time since I am back from my almost 3-week getaway to China. With pressure from peers and family, I guess it is about time to start sharing my experience over the last month.

I was thinking a lot what my first post should be about, so I thought “What better than some good old Chinese signs?”. Therefore, et voilà!

1. Toilet signs

If you don’t know me well, you should probably know that I have this obsession with toilets, ever since I was a little kid. This is why you can frequently see toilet photos on my Instagram account (even if you don’t realize it 😉)

This one in particular is just cute. Sounds like something that came out of a fortunate cookie.


This one just feels like the person who wrote it wanted to cut it straight to the point and  just tell you what must be done.


This one was quite interesting for me. This was a bell located ONLY in the ladies’ toilet (in Xiamen) and was in case you are alone and being attached by someone. After being pushed, it calls the authorities directly.


This sign was actually the one that annoyed me the most! A bit background info for those who have not been to China: there is generally no toilet paper offered in the toilet cabins themselves, but rather outside, where the usage can be monitored. So in this particular toilet (again, in Xiamen) in order to take toilet paper, you had to scan the QR code with WeChat (if you don’t have it – well, too bad for you!) and only then does it give you paper. Problem for me was the fact that I did have WeChat, but did not have Internet on my phone.


2. Street signs

This sign was on the ground at a bookstore. I guess they were trying to make it rhyme?img_7612-2

In Beijing, besides the main train station, you could buy train tickets from such small shops, too. I guess the person who put the letters up was not very careful. Or though that 3x and x3 is kinda the same thing.img_7611-2

I don’t even know what is going on here.img_7609-2

I mean, what other types of visits are there?img_7616-2

This was my absolute favorite sign I stumbled upon in China! In case you’re wondering, it was in Hong Kong.img_7608-1

This was seen in the forbidden city. It was obviously a very important and fancy place. Or rather – the Forbidden City.img_7625

This was seen at the airport at Hong Kong. To be honest, I was quite surprised to see such an obvious and yet printed mistake, especially in Hong Kong. But hey, this is what happens when someone along the pipeline doesn’t do the job carefully. img_7619-2

This one is a bit more complicated. Technically it is not exactly wrong. It was also probably just Google translated. But then again, not that, either, because “海浪” means waves and not “surf”. So yeah, go figure!img_7631

Have you ever been to a Cathotic church? Or heard of auto-correct? img_7630

I am pretty sure this sign wasn’t included in my drivers’ exam. How about you?img_7634

3. Food related

This first photo is from a very deep wall full of quotes in a fast-food restaurant in Qingdao. Some good stuff can be discovered there.img_7621-2

Have you heard of the price-mark of Apfelschorle in German restaurants? The message was clearly not sent to the German restaurants in China.img_7620-2

…and have you ever had magic cakes that do not contain drugs of any sort?img_7613-2

Now, this next one is not wrong, but rather just interesting. In China the production date is shown on food and beverages and not the other way around, like it is here in Europe. Interesting stuff, huh?img_7618-2

This was the name of a restaurant I stumbled upon in Xiamen. I guess they were looking for a shocking name and that is exactly what they got!img_7624-1

I don’t know about you, but all of these curry dishes look the same to me!img_7632

This was something that made me quite intrigued. These were handed out to us before eating at restaurant Hai Di Lao Hot Pot ( in Xiamen. So basically, they are wet wipes for when your hands are dirty and you wanna use your phone, a.k.a. wipes for your screen. Cool, huh?img_7627

I just had to share this next photo, from the same restaurant like above. It was a welcome-card from the staff, to apologize that because they did not have a table for us, they had to let us sit in a private room. Wow!img_7633

This next one is also nothing special, you know, just some random restaurants on the 25+ floors…img_7628

3. Misc

This paper was shown to me, when I tried to purchase a ferry ticket (in Chinese!) in Xiamen to go to Gulangyu Island. I don’t even need to comment on it, do it?img_6482

This was on the walls of a shopping mall in Hong Kong. I’m. Lovin’. It.img_7615-2

There is nothing wrong with the next photo. I just wanted to point out how cute it is to have a flower called “Cute Flower”!img_7623

This was in our first hotel, in Beijing. You can’t even be offended by this one, because it is sooo cute!img_7626

Well, that was all from my collection of signs from my last trip to China, folks! Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more! 🙂

Greetings from cold Aachen,



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