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Day 1: the Temple of Heaven and meeting an old friend

Our first day in Beijing was quite nice actually.

Here is a photo of us arriving:

Here is the main street near our hotel. It is the one right in front of the original Forbidden City door:

And here are the back streets, near our hotel. Our hotel was located on a street called “粮食街”, which means “Junk food street”:

While waiting for our hotel room, we went to the Temple of Heaven. We walked there from the Front Door of the Forbidden City (前门). It is actually a bit far on foot, but definitely doable.

The Temple of Heaven is truly a heavenly place! Very graceful and full of respect – I don’t know if you can say that for a building, but for this one, it definitely is.

The Temple of Heaven is located in a huge park and is surrounded by this huge courtyard:

After the temple, we went back to the hotel and took a very much needed afternoon nap. Afterwards, we went out to meet my old Korean friend. We were classmates back in 5th grade and afterwards in 9th grade, after I moved with my family. I used to spend a lot of time with her and her sister, so I was very happy to learn that her sister was also in town! Needless to say, we had 10 years of catching up to do, after last seeing each other. We went to eat noodles, because that is what all happy kids love.

After a very delicious dinner, we slowly went back to the hotel, to (hopefully) have a good evening’s rest.

Goodnight Beijing, I am absolutely delighted to be here! 🙂



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