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10+ things to do while traveling from Aachen to Cologne (or any other long-distance commuting to work)

I live in Aachen. And I commute to Cologne everyday.

My day usually starts at 06:20 when my alarm clock rings. I get ready until 06:50 and then get going to the train station to catch my express train to Cologne at 07:02. I usually manage to get to work by 08:15 latest.

On the way back, it takes way longer though because German trains always have delays. I mean – always! Don’t let anyone every tell you anything different; if there is anything you can count on in Germany it is on your train being late.  If I finish work at 17:00, I usually end up being home at about 19:00.

So as you see, my daily commuting takes about 3h. in total, on a good day. Having done this for the past one and a half year, I came up with a few activities, which you can do while commuting to work. If you are someone like me, or someone who has recently started commuting – this is for you! May internet and phone batteries be always in your favor!

1. Start a blog. You are looking at a success story right here, hehe.

2. Finish reading “It” by Stephen King. It is 1,116 pages. If you read 50 pages per day (because you read both on the way to and back from work), you will finish it in 22 days!

3. Start an online class. I am currently doing “Writing With Impact: Writing That Persuades” by Clary Lynch on Udemy.

4. Write a book. I actually once heard about a girl who was doing this while commuting. You can write about all your exciting adventures on the road to work!

5. Knit. I do cross-stitching sometimes and it is fun. Just make sure not to drop your needles, because you cannot find them again.

6. Listen to an audio book.

7. Listen to a podcast. I am currently listening to GirlBoss Radio by Sophia Amorouso.

8. Edit your photos to later post on social media. This is actually something I do very often – I edit the photos and texts I want to post on LinkedIn or Instagram and as soon as I step out of the train I post them.

9. Do your makeup. I do mine on the train sometimes because it really saves me time in the morning, because let’s be honest, those 5 minutes in the morning are quite vital!

10. Talk to the person next to you. I usually bond with strangers on the train by our mutual hatred of the DB train-delays.

11. Write a love letter to your significant other (if applicable).

12. Take the time and write more than 2 sentences to your friends. I personally don’t have too much time during the week to write, so I either call or write my friends while on the road. This is a positive experience for both sides and is the kind of positivity we all need a bit of in our lives!

What do you this about the list above? Do you have any further suggestions for me? Please let me know by commenting below and I will make sure to add your ideas (and credit them, of course!) to the list!

Greetings from the sunny RE9 to Aachen Hbf,



Social media hipster.

2 thoughts on “10+ things to do while traveling from Aachen to Cologne (or any other long-distance commuting to work)

  1. Love this! I also live in the Aachen area. I moved here about 2 months ago. I’m mastering the art of finding things to do for my bus commutes without wasting too much phone data! One thing I struggle with is sitting the opposite direction of the way the bus is moving. I used to get a little carsick, but now i’m adjusting. Hopefully I can’t start concentrating on reading a book without feeling carsick too!


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