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10+ things to do while traveling from Aachen to Cologne (or any other long-distance commuting to work)

I live in Aachen. And I commute to Cologne everyday.

My day usually starts at 06:20 when my alarm clock rings. I get ready until 06:50 and then get going to the train station to catch my express train to Cologne at 07:02. I usually manage to get to work by 08:15 latest.

On the way back, it takes way longer though because German trains always have delays. I mean – always! Don’t let anyone every tell you anything different; if there is anything you can count on in Germany it is on your train being late.  If I finish work at 17:00, I usually end up being home at about 19:00.

So as you see, my daily commuting takes about 3h. in total, on a good day. Having done this for the past one and a half year, I came up with a few activities, which you can do while commuting to work. If you are someone like me, or someone who has recently started commuting – this is for you! May internet and phone batteries be always in your favor!

1. Start a blog. You are looking at a success story right here, hehe.

2. Finish reading “It” by Stephen King. It is XX pages times 60 – you will finish it in the matter of XX days

3. Start an online class. I am currently doing creative writing by clary Finch

4. Write a book. I actually once heard about a girl who was doing this while commuting. You can write about all your exciting adventures on the road to work!

5. Knit. I do cross-stitching sometimes and it is fun. Just make sure not to drop your needles, because you cannot find them again.

6. Listen to an audio book.

7. Listen to a podcast. I am currently listening to GirlBoss Radio by Sophia Amorouso.

8. Edit your photos to later post on social media. This is actually something I do very often – I edit the photos and texts I want to post on LinkedIn or Instagram and as soon as I step out of the train I post them.

9. Do your makeup. I do mine on the train sometimes because it really saves me time in the morning, because let’s be honest, those 5 minutes in the morning are quite vital!

10. Talk to the person next to you. I usually bond with strangers on the train by our mutual hatred of the DB train-delays.

11. Write a love letter to your significant other (if applicable).

12. Take the time and write more than 2 sentences to your friends. I personally don’t have too much time during the week to write, so I either call or write my friends while on the road. This is a positive experience for both sides and is the kind of positivity we all need a bit of in our lives!

What do you this about the list above? Do you have any further suggestions for me? Please let me know by commenting below and I will make sure to add your ideas (and credit them, of course!) to the list!

Greetings from the sunny RE9 to Aachen Hbf,



Social media hipster.

One thought on “10+ things to do while traveling from Aachen to Cologne (or any other long-distance commuting to work)

  1. Love this! I also live in the Aachen area. I moved here about 2 months ago. I’m mastering the art of finding things to do for my bus commutes without wasting too much phone data! One thing I struggle with is sitting the opposite direction of the way the bus is moving. I used to get a little carsick, but now i’m adjusting. Hopefully I can’t start concentrating on reading a book without feeling carsick too!


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