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Pfingsten in Regensburg

Pfingsten (or the Pentecost; for more info, click here) was on the 20th of May this year, which means we had a long weekend that week. After long discussing what to do during that time, we decided to visit our friends at Regensburg, which is in Bavaria, about 600km far. Grandpa, Regensburg is also at our Danube River!

I finished work at 17:00h. on Friday before and we took off in our friend’s car from Aachen towards Regensburg. We were stuck in the regular A2 traffic (grandpa, did you know that here the not only announce the news, but also the traffic report on the radio?) near Cologne and ended up arriving at Regensburg at about 23:30h.

The first thing that welcomed us in the city were these young people dressed in Dirndl and leather pants. Apparently being dressed in traditional clothing is very “in” here and people do it a lot. It has started recently and has a lot to do with the Bayern patriotism and has arose from recent events here in Germany, that we are all very aware of. Regardless of the reason, I still find it very cool. I for one am always looking for a reason to wear my traditional dress!

First impressions of the city


We stayed at Ibis hotel, which is directly at the Main train station of Regensburg. Even though this combination is not always the best one and you always have weird people around, in Regensburg this was not the case! Actually the whole city in general is quite nice and surprisingly very clean! I mean I did not see one chewing gum on the ground and even the garbage we saw on the road was all tidily put in one place, not to disturb the by-passers.

We booked our hotel less than one month in advance and got it about 50% off the regular price via The hotel itself was very clean and the staff was lovely. Our room was on the first floor. When we got up to our floor, it kind of reminded me of a cruise ship. Not that I have ever been on one… Everything was very symmetrical, in order and it looked the same. We had a small double-room, however it was very clean and had all of the necessities we needed! Even though it was small, all of the space was very well organized, so it didn’t make you feel claustrophobic.

In the morning, we got up and went into the old city. We were supposed to meet our friends in front of the church, but it turns out there are many churches in the city, so of course – we were waiting in front of the wrong church. After going in circles and basically seeing the whole city, we finally found the right church. And still, 20 minutes later, our friends finally asked arrived. They are always half an hour late, grandpa!


We had breakfast at Café Lila. It is this very cute purple Café that serves breakfast and lunch. This is a very cute little, purple cafe, where you can buy gourmet breakfast. The food was lovely, but portions were too small for our hungry minds. While eating, it was about time for Harry and Meghan to get married, so we watched a live-stream of the wedding on my brand-new and big iPhone. You know what they say: “If it doesn’t work out, but you have an iPhone – it works out!” Haha.


After breakfast, we went for a walk around the Danube River. We hopped from one beer garden to the other, while walking alongside the river. At some point dark clouds came around, so we found shelter at yet another beer garden. At some point dark clouds joined us and thunders started getting loud. Our friends made a bet whether it would really rain or not. Well, one lost, so we had to drink on the occasion!


Around noon, we went to the local Lunapark. It was great. I am a huge Lunapark fan since I was a kid, so I enjoyed it a lot. However this Lunapark was a bit more like the one at Oktoberfest – there was something for the kids and for the grownups. There were also a lot of beer tents, so we had to sit a one, too! After the beer tent, we went to the ferry’s wheel. It was soooo cool because we would see the whole city and its surroundings.


Everyone there was dressed with the traditional clothes and people like us, dressed in muggle clothes, felt quite awkward and like foreigners…


After the Lunapark, it was time for dinner. We went to eat at a beer garden at the Dunabe River. I had a typical German dinner – sausages with sauerkraut and beer.


After dinner we went for another short walk in the city and then slowly headed home, because the next day another big adventure was awaiting us! And we didn’t have the faintest clue what was awaiting us.




Second day. A day in the mountains of Bavaria

Our second day in Regensburg started when our friends called us at 09:05h. in the morning. They called to tell us that the plan for the day was going to the Bavarian mountains.


We got ready and went out to meet them at about 11:00h. We went to get breakfast, finished it and afterwards waited for another 20 minutes for our friends to come and pick us up. When they came, we took off for 1,5h. Journey towards the mountains.

Our TomTom (that’s a navigation system, grandpa) took us to the wrong mountain, i.e. there was not road at some point, so we had to drive around a bit. However finally in the end, we found our mountain. We decided to use the lift going up and on the way down to the walk. It seemed like a good deal. We took the chancellor’s cabin on the lift and within 15 minutes we were up. It was so silent. The kind of silence that at first hurts your ears before you can start enjoying it.

Then we started going around on the top of the mountain. There were these big round buildings there and you could not approach, because apparently they were dangerous for your life.

Finally, it was time to go down. We took Route B. I don’t know why it was called that. I don’t think it was because it was the shorter, nor the easier one. 1/3rd of the road was rocky. The kind of road my city Adidas shoes were not made for. At least it wasn’t raining, so we weren’t slipping too much. There was this Chinese family behind us that kept commenting us, that we were climbing with the wrong shoes and were so obviously tourists from the city. At first I was fine, but around the middle of the road I just wanted to give up, because my leg muscles hurt so much… but after a while they stopped hurting and we finally made it to the end!

We took the car and drove for 5 minutes to the lake that we saw from above. That was one of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever seen in my life! Take a look for yourself:



We sat for a hot chocolate (yeah, don’t ask why!) by the lake, got burned from the sun and slowly took of to go home. On the way home, our friends decided to stop at Bad Kötzting to have dinner, because there apparently was this very good restaurant. So we went there. The restaurant wasn’t open, but we found another one, so we ate there. I ate a very delicious salad. The boys ate schnitzel and drank beer. Of course!


Back in Regensburg, we sat to have a Radler in front of the theater. You could see a lot of young people there; just talking and no cellphones were visible there!


Monday – last day in Regensburg


We didn’t make any plans for the day. The plan was to sleep well and meet at some point, so we can slowly take off towards Aachen.

We had breakfast with my boyfriend alone. Then took a nice walk around the city. Afterwards we sat for a refreshing drink at a beer garden near the river and took another walk. Only then did our friends join us. We then went for lunch, ice-cream of course!


We went for one last walk around the river and took off for Aachen at around 16:00.


It was a nice holiday. But we also couldn’t wait to get home and do the laundry!


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