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За дядо / For Grandpa

We live in the 21st century. Where sending an e-postcard takes literally 3 seconds. However, my grandpa is old fashioned and is still getting used to our fast-paced, 4G, multidimensional world.

He is getting used to everything one step at a time. He got himself a computer a few years ago and by now he can search for news and comment on them – all by himself! We recently also got him a smartphone, so that the kids can send him photos and call him easier from abroad. He is slowly getting used to that, too. Before, he could only send emojis, now he can type! One step, one emoji at a time. I am so proud of him!

So to make my grandpa happy and more involved, I have decided to add another category to my website called “За дядо / For Grandpa”. There, instead of sending him all of the photos from my travels, I will be making short blog entries with photos, about places I have been to!


Social media hipster.

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