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The Mediterranean Diet

As somebody who comes from Bulgaria, I am quite aware that the Balkan and Mediterranean food is quite similar. We may not have as much fish, but everything else is quite the same! Of course, I never forget that when I’m in Turkey, I should ask for a Turkish coffee and when in Greece – ask for a Greek coffee.

I am currently reading “Middlesex” by Jefferey Eugenes (it is an amazing book and it you haven’t read it – I recommend it 100%!) and read about the Mediterranean Diet there, once again. And recently I’ve stumbled upon many articles about it, including a recent talk about it on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman and Tina Fey.

So I started thinking about it, and to be fair, I don’t know if such thing as the Mediterranean Diet actually exists. I can’t talk much about it from a first person’s perspective, but I can speak for the Bulgarian/Balkan Diet. We consume a huge amount of yoghurt and cheese (usually Feta cheese) and our meals are quite fatty, full of salt and sugar, and we consume a lot of bread.

On the one hand though, my great grandmother lived to be 120 (this is an approximation, as nobody actually knew when she was born, and poor grandma – she didn’t remember it either) – she lived in the village, so away from the city pollution. I guess that could be one reason how she survived so long. On the other hand though, I know quite a few (very young, I must add) people, who died at a young age because of strikes etc.

What I mean to say is, I am not sure if the Mediterranean Diet is a myth; but either way, I just want to believe in it and hope that I have inherited it, so that my kids can, too! Is that a lot to ask?

Please share your thoughts on the Mediterranean Diet with me! What is your country’s food famous for?

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