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6 countries I’ve lived in and how it all started

Dear reader,

Hello and thank you for visiting my tiny little joy box! I am honored to see you here.

Today I wanted to talk about the different countries that I have lived in. It is important to mention them, as you will be reading posts mainly focused on them.

Explaining my life story in one post will simply be impossible, however, I need to start from somewhere. Therefore, I will first shortly tell you where I have previously lived and experienced culture in the past 25 years:

  1. Bulgaria – born and raised here until 8 years of age. Grew up very loved and spent a lot of time with my grandpa. This played a huge part of my shaping as a human being.
  2. Turkey – I moved to live in Istanbul when I was in third grade, after a dramatic change in my family. I got to have a new family. I started from nothing and in the matter of 3 months could speak the language.
  3. Cyprus – my family and I moved there after my dad was stationed to work there. And no, neither one of my parents are in the military. One is an English teacher and the other an engineer.
  4. China – this happened during the summer between 4th and 5th grade. Mommy really wanted to live in China. Started from nothing again. China was an adventure.
  5. The Netherlands – after meeting my current boyfriend, who was on Erasmus in Bulgaria at the time, we decided to move in together and live there. First time living “alone” and having to depend on myself (and my significant other).
  6. Germany – this is where I am currently residing and where I am writing all these posts from. It rains a lot here.

It is getting late here. My healthy bedtime-watch is set for me to sleep at 10:30 pm.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a nice rest, because tomorrow is Wednesday!




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