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Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week

Two years ago, I joined Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E) for their MEWeek’16 (Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week 2016) as a Marketing Assistant. I was in charge of the event’s social media presence.

This experience has thought me a lot of valuable business lessons, that teamwork only works if you have 100% trust in your teammates and their abilities, and that business relationships can come from the most unexpected places – and you should never stop networking, because the bigger your network, the more business opportunities you can have!

Before joining the event, I didn’t know much about entrepreneurship, networking or had any real social media experience. I had previously only attended two online marketing specializations and everything else – I had to learn on the go. However, I have very enthusiastic and hard-working, and this is why I was able to do so much, in so little time! I was very determined that I wan’t and will succeed in this sphere, because frankly I had no other job and I knew that stepping out of my comfort-zone meant that I was doing something right. By stepping out of your comfort-zone, you give more pressure on yourself and you don’t allow yourself to do any mistakes. This is what makes your work even better.

Further, while working for the MEWeek, I also made a lot of friends in many spheres, where people with the same likes as I were. It was amazing to see how so many people from such different backgrounds can come together and create something so amazing. This cliche we all know about different people not being able to work together is such BS. In the end of the day, we are all just human beings, who are trying to be productive and if possible,, have fun while working, because then, we don’t even feel like working. What I am trying to say is: please, never be too afraid to step out a bit of your comfort-zone, because the world is full of so many opportunities, that you can never grasp if you stay in your little bubble. Always go to places you haven’t been before and try to make friends with everyone. A new business connection and opportunity can spring up from the most unexpected place! Remember this!

To see one of the MEWeek’16 marketing events, captured by the amazing Manorathan Balasingam, please follow this link:

For more info regarding Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week, and to buy tickets, please visit:


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