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Six Walks in the Fictional Woods by Umberto Eco

The first time I came across this book, was during my Erasmus year, back in 2013, when I was studying at Yeditepe University in Istanbul.

This is an approximately 100-page long book on story-telling techniques, fiction and rhetoric. It consists of 6 lectures Mr. Eco gave, titled:

  1. “Entering the Woods”
  2. “The Woods of Loisy”
  3. “Lingering in the Woods”
  4. “Possible Woods”
  5. “The Strange Case of Rue Servandon”
  6. “Fictional Protocols”

The book is very informative and full of insights. However, even though it is full of terms, it doesn’t kill the “magic” for you next time you read a book – on the contrary, it actually makes it more interesting for you and you get to see all of the little “winks” that some authors hide in their texts for you.

I recommend it to any book-lover, who wants to read between the lines and also wants to be a Level 2 reader.

You can find the book under the name “Six Walks in the Fictional Woods”, Harvard University Press, ISBN 0-674-81051-1


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