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Things to look out for when applying for a new job

When applying for a new job, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have or how informed about the current job market you think you are. Always double check all of the facts and question yourself! Only this way can you make sure that you are on top of your game!

Look for the key words in the job description, single them out and search for them. You need to know the current technology being used in that certain sphere, the language that is being used, and hell, even the dress code! Remember: knowledge is power, and one can ever have too much of it!

Here is what I did last time I applied for a new job:

  1. I wrote down all of the keywords from the job description. This might not seem easy at first, however, when you get used to it you will see how much of an advantage this is! Having the keywords will enable you use them in your cover letter and during the interview itself – HR people love it when you do this!
  2. I did a short and exhaustive market research on the topic and tried to put down all of the information in a short excel file – or if you are more comfortable, a plain notebook and pen will also do the trick. You need to do this, because when you have all of this information, it will be easier for you to bargain for salary, benefits etc.
  3. I created a killer CV. I took some ideas from here: . If you don’t want to pay for a designer CV, you can create one yourself, for free, on – I am currently obsessed with Canva. This is a great designing website if you are just starting out, because it has a lot of templates and is full of ideas!
  4. I talked to friends and people I could find on LinkedIn that work in the same sphere. Again, reality-check is important, and you need to make sure that what you are requesting and what you are getting from your new job is realistic.
  5. This may be obvious, but having your outfit prepared from the day before is very useful! This way on your big day, you will only need to prepare yourself mentally and ace the interview.

I guess, all I could say next is Good Luck! and I hope you land your dream job!


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