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2018 – New Year’s Resolutions and Sunday Breakfast with Yogurt

It is Sunday and I have the time to prepare a healthy breakfast and enjoy it next to a relaxing book. And contemplate about life, what I have done so far and what I want to achieve.

Having a list of new year’s resolutions was never my “thing”, however, this year I felt this unusual deep urge to have one.

So here I am! I know it is already March, but I needed some time to go through my list of things I want to accomplish and filter out the ones that are not too urgent and the ones I must definitely do. I am still adding some points on the go, but so far, I have the following points:

  1. CalligraphyI already have a calligraphy pen and am using it as much as possible: at work, while commuting, and I am also writing a massive amount of postcards these days. But I am also actually considering to take calligraphy classes, because so far I cannot write the same letter twice.
  2. PhotoshopI have started using and to do some small projects – I am afraid that now I know how much the world is full of opportunities and I will never leave my house again.
  3. German B2 Level – I have been living in Germany for almost 2 years and my German level is currently only at B1 – I need to improve.
  4. Visit China – at this point, this has been a thing I have been saying I would do for the past 9 years. But I finally booked the tickets this year, so 2018 is the year for me!
  5. Donate bloodI have been meaning to give back to society for quite some time, so I feel like this will be the year to do so.

Besides the points above, I also want to read, as any other year, and read a lot. I want to develop my reading comprehension, alongside my writing skills. This is also one of the reasons I have started my page. I know I need to improve and still have a lot to learn, but hey, we all need to start from somewhere, right? 🙂

I am very happy that I have this amazing opportunity to share my world with the rest of the world and cannot wait to see how far I will take my new year’s resolutions and newly-acquired skills! 2018, here I come!


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