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Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba

I am a firm believer in karma and signs and that generally, the universe has a plan for you; so when I stumbled upon this little pink book, I knew it was destiny.

I was going home from a long and tiring week of work, when I found €20 on the ground. Soon afterwards, my train home had a huge delay (2,5h. – which is pretty normal for German trains, by the way!) and I was stuck at the Cologne main train station. So I did what I always do in cases like these: go to the book store in the station. However, this time it was different, because I had actual money I could spend on books!

After a very short search, I came across the little pink Little Black Book. This book is pure treasure, I am telling you! It is a pocket and clutch-friendly little book, that is full of very useful and no BS tips and inspirational quotes/interviews from actual successful ladies around the world.

You will read the Little Black Book over and over again, and still find something new. I promise you, this will be your new little black go-to business-bible – so keep it at your desk, in you clutch, on your bedside table, because you will be turning to it over and over again!

You can find the book under the name “Little Black Book”, Harper Collins Publ. UK, ISBN 978-0008245115


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